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Open Combat Rules PDF Edition

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Create the heroes, adventures and battles of your imagination

The Open Combat tabletop miniature wargame skirmish rules are suitable for any pre-gunpowder historical period or fantasy setting.

  • Use any miniatures & terrain you have
  • Only a small area required (24"x24")
  • Suitable for pre-gunpowder historical periods and fantasy settings
  • Customise the characteristics of your fighters, ‘stat’ them any way you like.
  • Fast setup and play time (30-40mins)

Open Combat puts you in command of a warband of fighters led by their charismatic (or frightening) leader as they match themselves against their foes.

Who the combatants are and what they are fighting about is down to you, your miniature collection and what you have the 'itch' to play.

The 102 page PDF includes rules for building and customising your warbands along with a range of weapons, skills & abilities (including Influence abilities where your warriors can make psychological attacks against the enemy).

You'll find rules for movement, combat, terrain and additional rules for hiding, climbing and jumping.

Scenarios include 'Open Combat' with three optional deployments including 'confrontation' where your warbands could begin the game intermingled even before the fighting starts! Additional scenarios set the warbands the task of capturing prey or discovering prizes hidden on the battlefield.

Two roster sheet approaches are included: A 'single page' for players that like all of the information in one place; A sheet of character cards for players that like to have separate information for each model.

Also included are sample profiles, and example warbands, guidelines for setting up terrain, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Quick Reference Sheet.

You will get a PDF (24MB) file