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Open Combat - Sword Masters


Open Combat - Sword Masters

Extra skills, abilities, weapons, scenarios and rules to expand your games of Open Combat

The full colour A4 supplement for Open Combat includes:

  • New skills and abilities specifically for sword fighter models to capture the sense of drama and/or flamboyance often associated with them
  • Extra skills for general use
  • New items of equipment
  • New terrain rules including: swinging from chandeliers/rigging, low obstacles (trip hazards), improvised projectiles (such as kicking/throwing things from tables) and more
  • New scenarios to play including The Duel, For Honour and Brawl
  • Plus sample profiles, two new actions, guidance for setting up terrain using the new rules for maximum mayhem and advice for linking games together into a micro campaign.

Scenarios include: 'The Duel', one versus one combat (perfect for a super quick game or to try out new approaches to creating profiles). 'For Honour' where warbands fight for the honour of their clan/school/family in ritual combat and 'The Brawl', where we see a fight erupt out in an otherwise relatively peaceful environment (models start unarmed but they can scrabble to grab a weapon as the fighting gets under way)


Also included are hints and tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) along with sample profiles for a selection of combatants to help inspire you (or to pick from if you're a bit short on time).


Publisher: Second Thunder Limited

ISBN: 978-0-9933785-4-6

Format: 28 pages (including covers) Saddle-stiched soft cover

Released: May 2017

Size: A4