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About Second Thunder

The games we play can create experiences we remember forever. The satisfaction of a well executed strategy or the drama of important dice rolls in battle all make for great stories we'll tell for many years.

Second Thunder is the home of tabletop game designer Carl Brown who, along with a number of incredibly talented associates and oddballs, creates engaging games to entertain and inspire you and your friends.

Carl Brown

A tabletop gamer since a young age, my brothers and I grew up on a diet of Fighting Fantasy books, roleplaying games, miniature wargaming and any board games we could get our hands on.

In the early nineties, after studying graphic design at university, I worked for several years in the Games Workshop design studio. During my time there I had the good fortune to be involved in the play testing and development of a number of their titles including Blood Bowl third edition. Following this period I moved on to work in commercial design studios before eventually starting my own freelance design career.

My early experiences with tabletop games sowed the seed for a desire to design and publish my own tabletop games titles and in 2014 I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of my first tabletop miniature skirmish game called Open Combat.

In 2022 I self-funded the release of my first two player strategy board game called Lucrum but unfortunately suffered a health issue (that took some time to resolve) resulting in next to no marketing. But in 2024 I recommenced work on marketing Lucrum and got back to development on Open Combat and further game titles.